Actions for the Environment



At the FOURLIS Group, the actions that are taken towards the protection of the environment are not limited to those imposed by the environmental legislation. The Group is regularly monitors the impacts of the operations and they are implemented a number of voluntary actions and interventions aiming to the reduction of our environmental footprint, to the saving of natural resources and to the raising of the awareness of employees and the public regarding the protection of the environment and the adοption of a responsible lifestyle.



For energy management purposes, FOURLIS Group implements an Energy Saving Program in order to systematically monitor electricity, heating oil and natural gas consumptions. Given that the Group operates in various sectors and thus the facilities are not similar but highly diversified, in order to effectively intervene and reduce the consumption of electricity, the Group takes into consideration the differences of  the facilities and special measures for improving their energy efficiency are implemented.

Some indicative practices that have been applied aiming to monitor and reduce energy are the following:

  • Careful use of lighting, by using technology as well as other practical methods.
  • Substitution of conventional bulbs with energy efficient bulbs in all all facilities.
  • Replacement of IT systems with similar low-energy consumption systems.
  • 100% use of new technology monitors.
  • Use of blade servers.
  • Informing and raising employees’ awareness, thus motivating them to save energy in the work areas.


Some of the actions that the Department of Corporate Social Responsibility focusing on the pillar of the Enviroment are as follows: 

Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility

Actions for the Environment

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