Corporate Governance is the system of relationships between management, shareholders and stakeholders and outlines the way in which companies are managed and controlled.


The Company has decided  (Board of Directors decision on 28/2/2011) to voluntarily comply with the Hellenic Corporate Governance Code that was drafted at the initiative of SEV for Listed Companies and was later modified for the first  time by the Greek Council of Corporate Governance (GCCG) on 28/06/2013. GCCG was founded in 2012 and is the outcome of the collaboration between Greek Exchanges and SEV. Its purpose is to monitor the implementation of the Greek Code of Corporate Governance from greek companies and generally to operate as a specialized body for the expansion of the principles of the corporate governance and the incessant growth of Greek market’s credibility among international and domestic investors.


The GCCG is a member of the European Corporate Codes Network and expert contributor of World Bank for the exhibition Doing Business for the indicator Protecting Investors ( The composition of the 15-member Board, as well as of the Committees and Working Groups of GCCG follows the principle of diversity. Specialists from Greece and abroad participate from different segments such as: audit, investment, business, supervision, legal, consulting, banking and stock market.
In the composition of the 15-member of the GCCG the Chairman of the BoD of the Company participates while executives of the Group participate in the Committees and Working Groups of the GCCG.


The Hellenic Corporate Governance Code is posted on the websites of the Greek Council of Corporate Government at:


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