The Company has adopted high standards of professional ethics ensuring the commitment and cooperation of all its executives. Its Code of Conduct includes the following standards:

  • Relationship with third parties


  • Collaborators/ Suppliers

The human resources of the Company treat the partners and suppliers with objectivity and respect.

The Company has adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct, as well as relevant policies and procedures, which characterize its daily practices.

The Company encourages the compliance of its existing and key suppliers / partners with the current Supplier Code of Conduct.

In addition, during the selection process of new suppliers / partners, the Company notifies them in writing of this Code, as well as their obligation to comply with its provisions.

Each partner / supplier is aware that the Supplier Code of Conduct is uploaded on our website and agrees to comply with the principles of business ethics.

  • Media, Publications and Public Speeches

Only natural persons authorized by the Board of Directors of the Company, can communicate with public bodies and the media and announce information about the activities and results of the Company and the Group.

A special and express approval must have been preceded also in case that a member of the human resources participates as a speaker representing the Company at any presentation, in order to obtain any necessary supporting material, and, if needed, relevant guidance prior to the publishing of any press release, in order to be confirmed that the text does not expose the Company’s reputation at risk.

  • Social Media

The Company encourages members of its human resources to participate in Social Media Networks, encouraging them to act with good judgment, common sense & be governed by ethical behavior.

In the context of ensuring the proper use of the accounts maintained by the Company on social media, access and the right to manage these accounts is provided only to authorized human resources, which can make posts in the name and on behalf of the Company.

  • Shareholders & public Investment

The Company implements the appropriate procedures in order to ensure the immediate, accurate information of the shareholders, as well as their necessary support, regarding the exercise of their rights.

  • Relationship of employees with colleagues and with the Company in general


  • Respect for colleagues

All employees of the Company must promote respect in the workplace, as well as honest behavior and honesty among them.

Recognize, encourage and value diversity, different views and experiences, while supporting honest and reciprocal communication always in a spirit of adaptation, flexibility  and compromise.

They develop relationships that are governed by understanding and trust, proving in practice mutual respect and respecting the hierarchy.

The Company seeks to improve issues related to employees and the workplace through structured dialogue in a way that is communicated and known to all employees. The Company participates in a social dialogue, based on trust and respect.

  • Health and Safety

The rules of Health and Safety of human resources in the workplace are a requirement for the protection of human life.

The Company takes care of the health and safety of all human resources. Monitors and controls the relevant risks, while taking all necessary preventive measures against accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace. For this purpose, a health manager has been appointed within the Company.

  • Forced and child labor

Any form of forced and child labor is a violation of human rights and the rights of children, therefore both of the aforementioned types of work are strictly prohibited within the Company.

In particular, the Company prohibits the use of any form of forced labor, including, indicatively but not limited to restrictive labor under imprisonment, particularly hard labor, slave labor, military labor and slave labor, and any form of human trafficking.

Furthermore, the Company strictly prohibits child labor, which is defined as the recruitment of any person below the minimum age permitted by law.

  • Respect for people - Equal opportunities policy

A basic principle of operation of the Group is respect for people. The Group shows its respect for all employees by providing a positive, productive and safe work environment that accepts diversity and inclusion (diversity & inclusion).

The Company ensures that all its employees have equal rights and opportunities as well as obligations and duties. In addition, all employees are treated equally, they are provided with equal opportunities for growth and development, fair pay and equal access to tools in order to do their job to the best of their ability and contribute to the development of the Company.

  • Harassment in the workplace

Harassment means any behavior that may be offensive, aggressive, violate or disturb the sensitivity and dignity and / or isolate the employee.

Any form of harassment is expressly prohibited and we do not accept harassment that offends the victim's personality and individual integrity and / or creates an environment of intimidation, hostility or humiliation for the victim (eg physical, sexual, , psychological, verbal or other form of harassment).

The Company's commitment to the safety of individuals is also evidenced by the "zero tolerance" in all cases of discrimination, violence, sexual harassment, which endanger the safety of employees and the performance of the Group.

The Company ensures that all employees contribute to a fair and equal working environment, not tolerating and acting directly against all forms of harassment.

Communication of incidents of discrimination and harassment is necessary for the Company to maintain a respectable work environment.

  •  Evaluation

Our evaluation is done with respect, honesty and based on objective criteria. The aim is to make only bona fide criticism and to set goals related to the improvement of our personal performance and through it to the development of the Company.

  • Education

The Company provides training opportunities to all its human resources depending on the specific requirements of the position we hold, but also on its needs. There is cooperation, in order to choose the training that suits the abilities and the program of each employee. All employees must show a willingness to participate in the training offered.

  • Crisis management / Cooperation of employees in case of control by authorities, as well as in case of court proceedings

In any case of crisis, all those involved must assist and make every effort to reduce as much as possible the negative effects of a possible crisis.

  • Awareness of Risk Management Culture (risk awareness)

The corporate culture reflects the core values, attitudes and decisions of the Company and is a very important factor in shaping the perception of risk management.

According to the requirements of the legislation, the Group has a Risk Management System, with the main custodian being the Regulatory Compliance Directorate on the 2nd line. Specifically, the Company has:

- Risk management policy and procedures.

- Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) methodology based on the COSO framework.

- Risk register.

  • Regulatory Compliance Issues


Conflict of interest

In accordance with the Company's Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedures, a Conflict of Interest is any situation in which a person liable (member of the Board of Directors, member of the Executive Committee, Director, Chief, employee of the Group or any affiliated company) or one of his relatives (children, spouse, cohabiting partner, parents, siblings, in-laws, grandparents and grandchildren, children of spouse or cohabiting partner, dependents of that person or spouse / its partner in a cohabitation agreement, personal business partners / affiliated companies - legal or natural persons) has, on its own account or on behalf of third parties, an interest, the achievement of which could hinder the achievement of the Group's corporate interest, to which the person in question owes a fiduciary obligation and / or could influence or appears to influence, directly or indirectly, the manner in which the person in question performs his or her professional duties to the detriment or benefit of the Company.

The existence of a Conflict of Interest is assessed and verified, taking into account the specific circumstances of each situation.

  • Publication of Financial and Non-Financial Information

The Company is committed within the framework of the Internal Audit System (IMS) that applies, that the financial and non-financial information it provides is accurate and complete, valid and timely, the information is accessible, sufficiently available to authorized or eligible recipients, the systems that support them are securely secured and provide the appropriate evidence for all recorded transactions.

The entire human resources of the Company are responsible for compliance with the above commitments of Financial and Non-Financial Information, as well as for the required cooperation with internal and external auditors to verify the information provided. The Audit Committee of the Company conducts a review of the Financial and Non-Financial Information in order to evaluate its completeness and consistency and informs accordingly the Board of Directors responsible for its approval.

  • Notification of Dependency Relations of members of the Board of Directors

In accordance with the provisions of article 9 of L.4706 / 2020 on independent non-executive members of the Board of Directors, the Company applies a procedure for notifying any dependent relationships of their members of the Board of Directors and persons who have close ties with them.

The Board of Directors is responsible for taking the necessary measures to ensure the above compliance, as well as for the necessary actions in case it is found that the conditions of independence, defined by law, are not met. The review of the conditions takes place on a quarterly basis with the assistance of the Corporate Secretary of the Group and is included in the annual financial management report.

The Procedure for Notification of Dependencies of members of the Board of Directors is described in detail in the Charter of Operation.

  • Compliance of Persons Exercising Managerial Duties

The listed companies of the Company have a specific procedure of compliance of the persons exercising managerial duties in full compliance with the provisions of article 19 of Regulation (EU) 596/2014 regarding the transactions carried out by the executives of the listed companies and the persons who have close ties with them.

The Compliance Procedure of the Persons exercising Managerial Duties is described in detail in the Company's Charter of Operation.

  • Corruption

Corruption is generally considered to be the promise, offer, payment, search or acceptance of a reward, such as payment, donation or favor, for the purpose of illegally exerting influence over a business transaction.

In the Company, the maintenance of high ethical standards, in compliance with national and international laws, is a guiding principle and governs all activities and functions.

The Company emphasizes the strict application of the anti-corruption law, we consider the protection of the company and its reputation crucial and the human resources seek to act in a way that is in line with the above assumptions.

  • Bribery

Bribery consists of claiming, receiving, offering, promising or providing money or other non-due and unfair benefit from or to an employee of the Company or to a Public Servant in order to secure a commercial or personal advantage.

It is expressly forbidden to offer or promise or provide any monetary or other benefit to a Public Servant or other Public body and / or third party, as well as to receive such benefit, in order to secure and maintain a commercial transaction, to secure a commercial advantage or privilege. The ban also applies to all persons acting on behalf of the Company.

  • Fraud

Fraud is the act or omission of a person who, in order to obtain the same or a third unlawful property benefit, harms foreign property by convincing someone of an act, omission or tolerance by knowingly presenting false facts as true or unlawful concealment or unlawful concealment or concealment of true facts.

The Company does not tolerate any form of fraud as well as acts or omissions that could expose it to the risk of fraud.

  • Protection of information, personal data and assets of the Company


  • Confidentiality, privileged information

There is an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of this confidential or privileged information, whereas their management, processing, and disclosure should be done only to the competent authorities or persons who are specially authorized and in any case in strict compliance with the relevant requirements. of legislation.

Any legal entity or person outside the Company who receives such information must sign a confidentiality agreement (in cases where this is legally possible).

  • Personal data

The Company complies with all applicable provisions on the protection of personal and sensitive personal data and fully cooperates in any audits or investigations, carried out both internally by competent executives of the Company, as well as by the public authorities, and / or by private bodies that have undertaken this task.

The Company respects the privacy of individuals with whom it does business (visitors, customers, employees, candidates and former employees) and already uses their personal data exclusively for legitimate business purposes.

  • Assets of the Company

The Company's property, facilities and resources (human and material) are used only for the Company's activities and not for personal purposes.


  • Healthy competition

It is the Company's policy to operate with vigor and awareness of the law, to exercise an independent commercial judgment in the conduct of its operations and to comply faithfully with the laws governing the practices of trade and competition.

Antitrust and competition laws are intended to promote the functioning of the free market. These laws protect against non-competitive behavior that harms consumers. They also ensure the existence of a balanced business arena, which allows companies to compete fairly in terms of price, quality and service.

  • Environmental protection

The Company complies with all environmental laws and regulations aiming at sustainable development at the economic, social and environmental level. In this context, a Sustainable Development Policy has been adopted, regarding which the Management is committed to its implementation at all levels, the companies and segments of the Company.

  • Code of Conduct Line - Whistleblowing Information System


The Company is incompliance with the Directive 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of persons who report violations of Union law.

With respect for the fundamental rights to freedom of expression and information, the protection of personal data, business freedom and good governance, consumer protection, public health and the environment, and in order to ensure a high level of protection for persons who report law infringements, the Company establishes the Code of Conduct Line - whistleblowing system. This is a system with internal reporting channels and monitoring procedures for breach reports:

o Product safety and compliance,

o Environmental protection,

o Food safety,

o Public health protection,

o Consumer protection,

o Protection of privacy and personal data,

o Rules and provisions of corporate tax legislation.

The Code of Conduct Line - whistleblowing system, in compliance with the criteria of impartiality and independence, appoints as the person responsible for receiving and managing the reports the Company’s Regulatory Compliance Manager.

Relevant reports can be submitted through the following alternative channels:

o By sending an e-mail (email) to the e-mail or telephone reference to the line of the Group Code of Conduct - 2106293010

o Upon request for a personal meeting (in person or by video conference) with the Company Regulatory Compliance Manager, within a reasonable period of time from the date of the request. The request is submitted in writing or by phone to the Code of Conduct Line 2106293010.

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