At FOURLIS Group we operate responsibly and we constantly evolve, in all the countries of activity, while being committed to our Values and having as a priority the respect for all our people and stakeholders, the support of the society and the protection of the environment, aiming at sustainable development at a financial, social and environmental level.
Our Values
Integrity, Respect, Efficiency 
Our Mission
To create superior value for our customers, people, shareholders and society, by delivering goods and solutions for better living. 
For Our People
We aim at creating and safeguarding employment positions, through the development of our activities in Greece and abroad.
We respect, protect and promote the internationally recognized human rights through the policies we adopt and the initiatives we take.
We offer a work environment of meritocracy and equal opportunities, with policies of fair recruitment, reward and personal development for all our employees, without any discrimination.
We invest in the continuous training and development of our human resources, as well as in their systematic and meritocratic evaluation.
We apply a Health and Safety Policy for all the Group’s companies in all the countries of activity, providing a healthy and safe working environment.
We offer health benefits to our employees and personalized support to those affected by natural disasters or in cases of serious health issues.
We encourage and promote employees’ volunteerism.
For the Society
We constantly get informed about the needs of the citizens and the societies in which the Group operates, through established communication and consultation channels.
We evaluate and prioritize those needs and then we design and implement programs and actions as we target to meet the real and most important needs of each local community, taking into account the number of beneficiaries as well as the nature of our activities. 
We implement social actions which are in line with the social responsibility strategy of our Group (support of vulnerable social groups and especially children). 
We respond to emergencies (e.g. pandemic, natural disasters), beyond the standard social responsibility planning.
For the Market
Economic Growth
We aim at achieving positive financial results, at continuing strictly chosen investments and at exploiting new investment opportunities.
We invest in technology and at upgrading our services, following the fast changes in consumer habits, but also in the nature of the retail sector, seeking to meet the growing expectations of consumers and to create a positive experience for the customer.
We aim at the continuous improvement of the relations with our suppliers, through the communication of the terms of cooperation and the main framework of principles and values that should govern our cooperation.
We offer quality and affordable products.
Corporate Governance
We comply with the law and apply internal safeguards to ensure compliance with the rules that concern the activity of all Group companies.
We have developed and implement a Code of Conduct and related policies.
We have adopted the Greek Corporate Governance Code for listed companies. 
We adopt a corporate structure and governance that allows a close relation with investors, aiming at creating superior value for shareholders.
We assess and manage business risks aiming to safeguard the interests of all our stakeholders.
We have committees, we take measures and follow policies and procedures to enhance transparency, to prevent and combat fraud, corruption and bribery and generally any conduct that is opposed to the Code of Conduct.
Health, Safety and Accessibility of Customers and Visitors
We apply a Health and Safety Policy for all FOURLIS Group companies in all the countries of operation.
We provide a healthy and safe environment for partners and visitors at our facilities.
We provide for the safe accommodation and transportation of people with disabilities at our facilities.
The products sold by FOURLIS Group companies meet the international quality and safety standards. 
For the Εnvironment
We implement actions for the protection of the environment that are not limited to those dictated by the legislation.
We focus on actions aiming at the reduction of our environmental impact, at responsible energy management and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, at saving and recycling natural resources and at responsible water consumption.
We offer products that contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.
We raise awareness of employees and the public on environmental protection and the adoption of a responsible way of life.
For all the above issues, we set individual sustainable development goals, which we evaluate on an annual basis in terms of their effectiveness and review them, when and where necessary, aiming at our continuous improvement.
Moreover at FOURLIS Group
Since 2008, FOURLIS Group is an official member of the United Nations Global Compact, thus we are committed to adopting, supporting and promoting its 10 Principles through our business. 
We perform a materiality analysis, in the context of continuously improving the Group's approach to sustainable development and social responsibility topics, in order to prioritize the Group's topics with the most significant economic, social and environmental impacts, but also those that significantly influence its stakeholders.
We link the Group’s material issues to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN, contributing to their achievement through responsible operation, our programs and the related results.
We inform our stakeholders about the conducted work in the field of Sustainable Development, publishing an annual report in accordance with internationally accepted Sustainable Development standards.
The Management is committed to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Policy, at all levels, companies and activity sectors of the Group.
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