External Independent Evaluation of Internal Control System




First Evaluation of the Internal Control System (ICS)

The first evaluation of the ICS has been assigned to Grant Thornton (TIN 094399329) and aimed at ensuring the adequacy and effectiveness of the Company's ICS, in accordance with the provisions of article 14 par.3 lit.i and par.4 of L.4706/2020, the Decision No.1/891/30.09.2020 of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, as well as the Decision No. 2/917/17.06.2021, which has amended the Dec.1/891.

The entire project has been directed by Mrs Athina Moustakis, Partner holding the Reg.No. 28871 in the Institute for Certified Public Accountants, who participated in all its stages and was responsible for the final approval, signing and execution of the deliverables.  

The conclusion of Adequacy and Effectiveness Evaluation Report of the ICS was unqualified (without reservation), given that no substantial deficiencies have been detected and the relevant Detailed Report dated 6/3/2022 has been submitted to the Board of Directors and to the Company's Audit Committee, whereas its summary has been submitted to the Hellenic Capital Market Commission. 


Relevant reference to the Annual Financial Report for the year 2022, page 164, paragraph "15.15 Evaluation of the Internal Control System under article 4 of L.4706/2020 and of the Decision No.1/891/30.9.2020 issued by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission".



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